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Pillar Technologies Ltd is a Limited liability company registered in the Republic of Kenya

Pillar Technologies Africa Opportunity

Pillar technology Africa Ltd usually referred to as pillar tech is a Network marketing company that deals with telecommunication products such as airtime distribution. 
The company is currently partnering with orange telecoms Kenya to distribute orange products. 
What makes pillartech business to be more unique is the compensation plan that they are using which will enable anyone to make money despite of where or when they join the company. 
Another great thing is that you shall start earning with the first person that you bring into the business unlike other Network marketing business models where you are required to bring a certain number of people before you start earning. With PTL any effort is recognized and the payments are done weekly (every Thursday). This will actually help some one to have a startup capital required to build the business. 
The initial investment is also very low (Ksh 6,985) which is affordable to everyone. This means the business will even build faster because not only is it easier for you to invest but also for the people that you recruit. 
This is one-time investment and therefore you will not be required to renew your investment every month which is also a plus. unlike most other Network marketing companies. 
From the Ksh 6,985, you get an airtime worth Ksh 500 which you can use to build you business. (Call your prospects) with. 
Pillartech opportunity is a lifetime investment and therefore if you work hard and build a good network, you shall have a passive income for the rest of your lifetime. it will actually help you to retire early. You will actually make more money while you are retired because the network will continue building. 
What is required therefore is you work with a good team which will make sure   that you grow fast. Teamwork always pays and therefore this business should be done in a teamwork spirit.  Every member of the team will have an area where he excels best and together all members shall compliment each others weaknesses and therefore more success. 
You are welcome to join our team where we treat each member as an equal member regardless of when he/she joined the business or team. To join us you need to contact us.
Once you join us we will share with you tactics and tricks which we use to build the best team that the company has. You need to join the best team to succeed
We always strive to make sure that everyone in our team is earning to keep everyone working and happy. 
We have a system whereby we make sure that everyone has all the support that they need  to grow their business and therefore we make more success for ourselves. It’s a win-win scenario.

So what are the steps at joining out team?

1.    You need to contact us on 0721621007 or 0775675059 talk to Lynn.
2.    Lynn will guide you on how to get a starter kit which will cost KShs. 6,985.
3.    She can either meet you and assist you get the starter kit or he will direct you to the pillartech offices so that you can go and purchase the starter kit yourself.
4.    With the starter kit you will get KShs. 500/= airtime (at no extra cost).  An orange line and a booklet explaining the business which you can use to explain the business to your friends.
5.    Load the KShs. 500/= airtime found in the kit to your orange line.  If you already have an orange line, then you don’t need to use the new line.  You can leave it at the office so that it can be given to someone else.
6.    Send your serial no. (found at the inside of the front cover of the business booklet) ID No.#1st Name,#2nd Name# 3rd Name#Town#Gender# Year of Birth to 5683. eg 123456789012#12345678#kamau#Oluoch#khamisi#Nairobi#male#1960
You get a message from 22533.
7.    Ask your introducer to send only the serial No. to 22533.  You get the confirmation and a password.
8.    Use the password to access the main company website
Account = Tel no. without 0 i.e 775675059
Password = The one you received from 22533.
After completing this process, you are now ready to go and can now start telling your friends about the opportunity and start making money.
Make sure you come to our meetings regularly so that we can help you build your business in the shortest time possible.

Please join our team of experienced network marketers who will guide you and make sure you get the best from your investments and in the shortest time.
Contact Lynn on 0721621007 or 0775675059                        
Like our facebook page: www.facebook.com/pillartechafrica
You can also email us to: lynnkesh@gmail.com.

Wish you all the best and keep coming back for more info.